Astro October 2006

He has not received subcutaneous hydration in over a year and a half and eats regular cat food. The only medication he has received in the past 16 months is

A daily 1.5 ml dose of ASTRO’S CRF OIL.



(Subcutaneous hydration is a great way to help a cat or dog that suffers from CRF flush the toxins out of its systems, however, it can be harmful if continued too long. It can over burden the remaining undamaged nephrons and actually accelerate the progression of the CRF. At the very least, it’s a very good idea to discontinue hydrating every so often to “rest” the already over burdened kidneys.)


We put Astro back on his regular cat food because it’s his favorite (he hated the renal diet stuff) and because I have come to believe that limiting the protein in a cats diet will cause more harm than good. However, cat food with low phosphorus levels is definitely recommended, as long as your pet will eat it.


As for medication, the only thing Astro receives is 1.5 ml/day of the formula. We named it Astro’s CRF Oil in his honor. His comeback has truly been miraculous, his progress continuous from month to month.  He is thriving, happy and enjoys a great quality of life. He is also very relieved not to have to endure being hydrated. Friends who saw Astro at his sickest can not believe that he is the same cat.


Astro’s coat had suffered greatly from his illness. It was mottled, depigmented and bare in places. The colors have returned with a vengeance. Astro’s coat is now a shinny, dark chocolate brown and various shades of beige. His ears which had lost most of their fur are now pure velvet.


His blood and urine values are normal and though his kidneys are damaged the formula has managed to recoup enough kidney function to help him lead a normal and energetic life with, I hope, normal longevity. 




(Astro’s CRF Oil has since been tested on numerous cats and dogs suffering from chronic renal failure. Most have experienced dramatic improvement in, renal function, energy,   general health and vitality. Even the oldest cats and dogs  with the most advanced kidney damage received some symptomatic relief.)



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Astro and his buddy Quaily

          Oct. 2006